February 1st – 10th, 2019 marks the return of Bellingham Cocktail Week, a citywide event celebrating our region’s growing cocktail scene. Our city is known for its healthy beer scene (to say the least!), with Bellingham Cocktail Week we want to highlight other delicious ways to imbibe responsibly.

Started in 2015 by Rebecca Ogden and Chelsea Farmer, Bellingham Cocktail Week is now an unholy union between the brazenly wicked Sara Galactica and the dastardly degenerates of HappyChap Creative Co.  Forged in a sacred, gin-soaked blood oath, this stealthy collaboration is sure to cast a spell on even the most beer-witched Bellinghamsters. Be on guard, lest you find yourself captivated by the alchemy of Bellingham’s bottle-wielding magicians.