February 1st – 9th, 2020 marks the return of Bellingham Cocktail Week, a citywide event celebrating our region’s growing cocktail scene. This year, to mark the dawn of a new decade of opportunity and enlightenment, Cocktail Week takes us INTO THE COSMOS.

What to look for this year:

Distillery Tasting Expo & Gala – We are excited to announce A Cocktail Odyssey, a two-day tasting expo hosted by the Downtown Bellingham Partnership at the Hotel Leo on February 7-8. The event will take place in the historic Hotel Leo ballroom, in the heart of downtown. After the expo ends on Saturday February 8, the ballroom will be cleared for a cosmic gala featuring a new take on the Atomic Highball, a signature cocktail from the Leo’s post-Prohibition heyday. Get Tickets

Official Guides – Look for our free Guidebooks at participating venues, your local Community Food Co-op, and business lobbies in the downtown area. This year’s guidebook contains a Cocktail Horoscope, our Events calendar, as well as several contributed articles, recipes, photography, and other goodies. This year’s cover illustration was contributed by local artist Ciara Sana. Coming January 8th.

Voyager’s Passports – Find these keepsake booklets in the venues that are participating in this year’s bartender challenge, and take them on your voyage throughout Cocktail Week! Each passport contains a tear-out ballot that you may use to participate in voting for which cosmic creation you love most. Coming January 8th: Limited supply!

Cosmic Space Cruises – Why ride-share or take turns being the designated driver when you can hop on a space cruise with your friends? We’re excited to announce several nights of guided cosmic cocktail tours aboard the Bellingham Brew Bus, with a designated route for pickups and dropoffs in neighborhoods including Cordata, Sunnyland, Barkley, Fairhaven, and more! Stay tuned for details.

Meet the Team

Sara Holodnick w/ cocktail “The Drunken Botanist” from Miller’s Backdoor

Sara Holodnick

Project Manager

Noel Abbott w/ cocktail “The Mad Hatter” from Miller’s Backdoor

Noel Abbott

Marketing Strategist

Casey Burton w/ cocktail “Smoke and Mirrors” from Miller’s Backdoor

Casey Burton

Creative Director / Designer

Kristina Michele w/ cocktail “The Understudy” from Miller’s Backdoor

Kristina Michele

Event Planner

Kevin Coleman w/ cocktail “Little Brulee” from Miller’s Backdoor

Kevin Coleman

Community Outreach

Dakota Etley shaking up something spectacular

Dakota Etley

Community Outreach

Alexine Langdon raising a toast with a Manhattan

Alexine Langdon

Event Coordination